All kinds of movies have been filmed in Hawaii.Romantic comedies like 50 First Dates to classic movies like From Here to Eternity have been shot at different points on Oahu, the island you are visiting.

Just 12 miles from Honolulu, you find a very iconic location made famous for the movie, From Here to Eternity.Filmed in 1952, the movie takes place just before the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s got as much “Chick Flick” in it as it does action and adventure.

It certainly had an all-star cast. Three heart-throbs of that era, Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Cliff and Frank Sinatra teamed up for this military drama. To give you an idea of the plot, Burt Lancaster is falling in love with the second in command’s (Montgomery Cliff) wife, played by Deborah Kerr.

In a steamy outing, Lancaster goes swimming at night with Kerr on Halona Cove Beach.I have heard it called Sunshine Beach.The most famous beach scene in cinematic history takes place with Lancaster and Kerr kissing lying on the beach in their swim attire. Water is rushing all around them to add to the romance.That was a pretty scandalous scene in 1952.

I won’t tell you more.Find the movie and watch it before you come to Hawaii.It’s a great beach to visit.There are the famous Halona Cove Blow Holes and great waves that crash into the sheer cliff overlooking Halona Cove.The beach does have life guards most of the time.

Also, not far from the beach and blow holes is a great walking path that is called the Lighthouse Trail.The walk isn’t real strenuous and the views are spectacular.The beach and blow holes are stopping points if you take a guided “Circle Tour” of the island.

Check out all the great movies made in Hawaii and hunker down this weekend for some great viewing.Personally, the television show, Magnum P. I. was my favorite.Magnum always seemed to rescue the damsel in distress just in the nick of time.

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